Recently, Cristiano invited twins using a surrogate, as per his rep Ruben. Be that as it may, the star has not uncovered WHY he chose to utilize a surrogate. “Cristiano Ronaldo will not share any reason as to why he chose a surrogate mother, he is simply grateful that he now has twins,” Ruben let us know. Whichever way, however, Cristiano is past excited about being another father of twins, and we can just envision he’s similarly as pumped about inviting yet another kid in only a couple of short months.

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Are Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Expecting A Baby?

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Recently, Khloe Kardashian was set up an amazing birthday party by her BF, Tristan Thompson and we should simply say he made a special effort! The festivities included tasty snacks, including a gold cake, signature “KOKO” inflatables and some photographs that have been drumming up a significant buzz among this renowned family’s given fans. The fitspo ruler shared various Polaroids in which she and her fella encourage each different treats and offer a kiss. Presently, while all that is pretty awww-commendable, it’s not why these photographs have fans losing their brains. It’s the monikers written below: “Dad + Mom.”


Are these quite recently charming pet names or would they say they are implying something much bigger?? All things considered, these two show up so shut, all that is left are the pre-marriage ceremony and minimal ones! What’s more, if that sparkler Khloe was wearing at her gathering is the thing that we think it is, at that point, they are well on their way! Well… as indicated by TMZ‘s sources, these parental nods are just a bit of harmless fun, and maybe a bit of a tease for Khloe’s legion of followers.

In spite of the fact that these Polaroids aren’t the infant stunner some were seeking after, don’t despair! As we previously reported, Khloe and Tristan are more than prepared to be evolving diapers. Truth be told, they’re attempting to begin a family together! This couple essentially has babies on the mind! Tomorrow, June 27, is Khloe’s genuine birthday and we need to accept she’s in for more amazements from her ball player playmate. Be that as it may, possibly, quite possibly, she has special surprise for him?!

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Brad Pitt Reportedly Refuses To Give Kids ‘False Hope’ On Divorce

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Brad Pitt is much better than he was the previous fall. Since Angelina Jolie, petitioned for divorce from him in September, the actor has cleaned up his life — and in the process, strengthened his relationship with their six kids: Maddox; Pax; Zahara; Shiloh; and 8-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne. Brad’s even supposedly been going to treatment with the kids, and keeping in mind that he’s resolved to make THEIR relationship entire once more, he’s unyielding about not having any desire to revive his adoration with Angie. And he’s apparently making that crystal clear to the kids upfront! After all, the last thing he wants is to give them the wrong impression.

“The kids don’t love therapy, but they know that Brad has to do it,” an OK! magazine insider reportedly told the publication. “He’s made some tearful confessions, which have allowed them to get a better sense of his issues and come to terms with what went wrong in their parents’ marriage. Brad has firmly but gently explained that no matter how much he loves their mother, they are not getting back together. He doesn’t want them to have any false hopes.” We’re absolute with Brad on this one, and believe he’s settling on a super intelligent, responsible parenting choice. At the time, it might be difficult to break the news to the children, yet over the long run, it’ll save a lot of tears and confusion.

“He’s had time to own up to the mistakes he made, especially the drinking, that led to everything falling apart, and that’s brought him and the kids much closer together,” the source continued. “He’s told them that he missed them desperately every minute they were apart. Now, everyone is in a much better place.” truth be told since Brad was conceded unsupervised visits with the children back in February, the proud father hasn’t wasted any time pulling out the stops to ensure they have fun together.

“They’ve gone to the zoo, had movie nights at home, and he even cooks for them,” the insider dished. “Brad’s much more attentive these days — and more fun to be around.” Even better, Angie and the kids purportedly moved into a wonderful house only two miles far from Brad’s home, which implies he would see be able to his children much MORE. “it’s a sign of [Angie’s] commitment to co-parenting, even as she and Brad are still hashing out their custody agreement,” the source added. “Brad has been faithfully attending AA meetings and is committed to getting healthy for the children’s sake. He’s already come such a long way.”

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Brad Pitt Heartbroken His Special Father’s Day Plans With Kids Were Ruined

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Talk about a major let down! Brad Pitt was looking forward to spending Father’s Day with his children but instead was left behind in LA while Angelina Jolie, whisked them off to the airport. “He’s super bummed that Angie took the kids out of town,” a source tells. “He’s not complaining, but he had planned to spend some time with them for Father’s Day. He was even working on his place to make it special for them, adding a new skateboard ramp. He saw Angie’s 100-foot water slide and wanted to make his place special for them as well. Although their relationship has improved, communication continues to be a struggle at times.”

Paving the way to Father’s Day, the Ocean’s 11 actor was daydreaming about playing paintball with his kids and showering them with cool new toys. In any case, on June 18, his fantasies were smashed when photographs of his family at the air terminal surfaced. The mother-of-six, who was driving her youngsters inside the terminal, was seen in an armed force green coat, thigh-high boots, and dark pilots at LAX. The gathering gave off an impression of being in high spirits, which is more than we can state for Brad. His desire, for now, was to snicker and invest quality energy with Vivienne, Knox, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh.


No official word on where Angie has taken them yet — yet there’s motivation to accept they’re made a beeline for Ethiopia. To observe Zahara’s adoption date, the First They Killed My Father director planned a trip to her home country in the horn of Africa. In fact, July sixth denote the big day, but perhaps they flew out right on time.

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Caitlyn Jenner Praying Kim Kardashian & Sisters Reconcile With Her On Father’s Day

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“Caitlyn [Jenner] doesn’t talk to her daughters much and doesn’t talk to the Kardashian sisters ever since her book came out. So this Father’s Day Caitlyn is looking to bury the hatchet and hopes they all reach out and wish her a good day and start getting to a better place in all their relationships. That would be the best gift Caitlyn would ask for this year,” a source near Caitlyn tells.

Its a well-known fact that the Kardashians have been feuding with Caitlyn for quite some time. What’s more, things deteriorated with the discharge her diary, The Secrets Of My Life, in which she impacted Kris Jenner for everything that at any point turned out badly in her life. Kim and her sisters have favored Kris, as they don’t concur with a lot of things Caitlyn has been saying in regards to the family, yet it would appear that Caitlyn’s trusting they can all go to some truce with it being Father’s Day what not.


Could this, at last, be the finish of the Kardashians’ feud with Caitlyn? We wouldn’t hold our breath, but there’s always a chance the girls will call her on June 18 to wish her a happy Father’s

Day. This family is constantly full of surprises, so we never say never when it comes to the Kardashians.


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Singer Gloria Estefan’s Mother Dead at 88

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It’s an intense day for Gloria Estefan. The singer lost her cherished 88-year-old mother, Gloria Fajardo on Tuesday night, taking to Instagram with a moving remembrance.

“She went peacefully surrounded by her daughters, grandchildren, son-in-laws, niece, three loving caregivers, extended family and her most trusted friends, very notably, the two beautiful ladies in each side in this picture, Carmen Corpion & Clara Bris. They were an integral part of her posse not only throughout her life but to her last breath,” Estefan, 59, shared. “I know it was exactly the way she would have wanted her departure from this earth to be, surrounded by love and the true representations of everyone that was special to her in life.”

“I will miss her every moment of every day, and I thank her for being the incredible mother, woman and role model that she was to so many people,” she continued. “Thank you for your prayers and messages, and the love and concern that filled our hearts and accompanied us throughout this most difficult time. Please know that at every moment, I let her know about the love and light that was being sent to her and she appreciated and absorbed every beautiful sentiment. Thank you for keeping us in your hearts and gently holding our hands.”

The heartbreaking announcement followed weeks of posts, where Estefan contacted fans for prayers and love for her mom.

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Hawaiian Pizza Creator “Sam Panopoulos” Dead At 83

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Sam Panopoulost credited with inventing Hawaiian pizza when he added chunks of pineapples and ham in 1962 – is dead.

The Greek-Canadian restaurateur out of the blue passed on a week ago at a doctor’s facility in London, Ontario. He claimed an eatery in Ontario when he prepared what rapidly turned into a worldwide sensation.

Its fame spread and stays right up ’til the present time a staple, yet there’s apparently equivalent abhor for the ham/pineapple blend. Not long ago, Iceland’s President suggested banning pineapple on pizzas.

The Prez said it jokingly … in any case, it’s no laughing matter for Hawaiian lovers. He was 83.

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Katy Perry Breaks Down Crying Over Suicidal Thoughts And Love Woes

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Katy Perry got emotional during a live streamed therapy session … saying she’s embarrassed about thoughts she’s had in the past when she was depressed.

The pop star was talking with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh – known as “The Therapist” on Viceland – when she opened up to him about suicidal thoughts … something she wrote a song about.

Perry likewise talked about adoration issues … like how she just as of late figured out how to hug.

Katy’s live-spilling her life paving the way to a free show in L.A. Monday to advance her fifth album, “Witness.”