In 2012, the singing sensation posted topless for V magazine. There is yet to be news if Dion will continue sharing sexy pictures.

Top Performer Takes Over Europe

Celine Dion will be continuing to sing and perform for fans all over Europe. She will be at Parc Olympiqeu Lyonnais in Lyon, France on July 12. She will be in Orange Velodrome in Marseille, France on July 18. Then on July 23, she will hit the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany.

The busy singer is now trending not only for her popular music but elegant fashion taste. Furthermore, Celine Dion is staying strong and beautiful after the passing of her husband, Rene Angelil, last year.

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Maria Menounos Has ’99.9 percent’ Brain Tumor Removed

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Maria-Menounos-brain-tumor-removed-e-news, Maria Menounos Has ’99.9 percent’ Brain Tumor Removed

Former E! News host, Maria Menounos recently survived a brain tumor surgery and posted her reflections on the experience through Instagram.

Maria Menounos Focuses on Healing and Inspiring

In the latest news, Menounos will be taking off her anchor duties at E! News. Last June 8, the Greek beauty had a meningioma brain tumor removed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.

The popular TV personality announced to the media that her neurosurgeon, Keith L. Black got “99.9 percent of it.” According to Black, there is about 7 percent of a possible brain tumor return.

Menounos showed Instagram that she is keeping positive to and focused on regaining her full health. She shared a picture of her and a child brain surgery patient who inspires her. She is currently promoting donations to the child’s charity Runway to Hope.

Maria-Menounos-brain-tumor-fellow-patient, Instagram


TV Personality Pleads Prayers for Mother

The loving daughter also posted a sweet photo with her mother when she came home after her 7-hour brain surgery. Menounos stated that “Luckily I don’t need any further treatments but I can’t say the same about my mom. So please keep her in your prayers.”

Maria’s mother, Litsa, has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

The beloved host gave an exclusive to People Magazine about her brain surgery. She described having experienced blurred vision and headaches since February. When Maria told her parents, she had a similar disease as her mother’s, the two were shocked.

Menounos emphasized in her interview that the experience is now making her “find my real purpose” and she stressed, “it is a blessing.”


45,000+ people have ‘liked’ the picture of Menounos and her mother. They are currently expressing and confirming the prayers, love, and healing energy that they are sending to the Menounos family for their health. A number of the users have also expressed admiration of the celebrity’s positivity.

There is yet to be any confirmed news on Maria Menounos’ next project. She will likely be resting and supporting her mother.



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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Smooch After Sexy Independence Day Performance

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Popular songstress Jennifer Lopez was just spotted exchanging an adorable kiss with her new beau, former New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez. The star amazed her fans at the NYC filming of a special Macy’s Fourth of July concert.

Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Sexy Outfits in Performance

At the stylish taping event, audience members reported that J. Lo wore two revealing outfits for both her handsome athlete boyfriend and fans to admire.

She donned a white crystal-embellished body suit and twerked in it with her famous buttocks to the audience. The costume was clearly inspired by Rodriguez because J. Lo also chose to wear a New York Yankees cap. She even danced with a silver baseball bat.

The 47-year-old singer also wore a long black number with two hip-thigh slits. Several audience members reported Jennifer Lopez did not have any underwear on and that they saw her crotch.

After the filming, she allegedly held hands with Rodriguez. The two were then captured giving one another a kiss. In the picture, the usually fierce eyes of J. Lo softened as the former athlete approached her.

The actual show will be airing on Independence Day (July 4th) on NBC at 8 p.m. ET. Fans can anticipate her costumes and maybe a few shots of A. Rod watching.

Alex Rodriguez Spent Luxurious Vacation with New Girlfriend

Before this romantic work date, Alex Rodriguez treated the starlet to an expensive French vacation. They reportedly hiked in Monaco, had yacht dinners, and did yoga at St. Tropez.

On his Twitter and Instagram accounts, A. Rod previously promoted his guesting on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The athlete confessed that dating Lopez was “humbling.”

It was also reported that the heartthrob often admits he admires Lopez because she is a single parent of two children. A. Rod has been captured lately bonding with his girlfriend’s twins, Max and Emme.

As of today, Jennifer Lopez has several photos flaunting her love for Rodriguez on Instagram. Prior to this hunky athlete, she was briefly linked to rapper Drake; but J. Lo and A. Rod are now considered a stable celebrity couple.

With their romantic vacations and sweet moments, it is unlikely Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez will go to “splitsville” anytime soon.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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John Mayer and Niall Horan Dish on their Katy Perry Relationships

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Recently, Bon Appétit singer Katy Perry shared exclusive details on her past and present romances to the media while promoting her album Witness. Among the men she mentioned, John Mayer and Niall Horan gave their official comments about their experiences with the pop star.

John Mayer Says “I Don’t Wanna Do it Again”

The last time soul singer John Mayer opened up about Perry was in March. He admitted she was the “only relationship” he had in the last six years. In fact, the beautiful singer was his inspiration for Still Feel Like Your Man.

Now that Perry is also going on her Witness tour and discussing their past, Mayer gave more details on his current feelings.  He reacted to her appearance on The Late Late Show.

This was when she told the audience that compared to Diplo and Orlando Bloom, Mayer was the best bed partner.

In a fresh interview with Rolling Stone, Mayer stressed, “I don’t have a cool-enough thought for you.” He stated that he is now enjoying performing moving music.

The handsome songwriter-singer recalled he was 32 when he dated Perry and commented, “I don’t wanna do it again.”

John Mayer is also busy spreading the word on his album The Search for Everything. He is clearly telling his fans a reunion with Katy Perry should not be expected in the future.

Niall Horan Chasing Katy Perry

Both Niall Horan and Katy Perry are now attracting more Australian fans. On June 28, Perry told Fitzy & Wippa listeners that Niall Horan was always pleading for her number. But the songstress told the radio station that she felt like Horan’s babysitter.

Horan just appeared on an Australian TV show The Project. He was also asked about Perry. He kidded that the female star was only patronizing him.

But the former One Direction cutie also admitted, “She is not that much older than me.” Horan is 23 while Perry is 32.

Perry had mentioned in her radio that the two always bump into one another. She also described Horan as “amazing.”

Fans have yet to see Perry date again.  Last year, Perry was previously dating Orlando Bloom while Niall Hoan was linked to Celine Vandycke.

Katy Perry and Niall Horan are working hard on their individual music careers. They may not hookup anytime soon.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi Caught in Fight After Mexican Vacation

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Bachelor Season 21 heartthrob Nick Viall was spotted practically ignoring his fiancée Vanessa Grimaldi after their recent trip to Mexico. He was reported purposefully leaving her behind while exiting the airplane.

Spicy Summer Bachelor Love Turns Sour?

Last Monday, Vanessa Grimaldi flaunted her love for Nick Viall by capturing him sleeping shirtless on Puerto Vallarta. She posted the sexy picture on Instagram. The reality show couple were clearly having a few hot days bonding together.

He must not be getting his way in his dream 😴❤️ #pouty #mcm

A post shared by VanessaGrimaldi (@vanessagrimaldi30) on

The two were in Mexico to attend the wedding of Viall’s Bachelor in Paradise pals, Evan Bass and Carly Waddell.

Yet on their way home, the former Bachelor stars allegedly did not even talk to one another on the plane. When getting off, Viall took his bag and walked quickly ahead of Grimaldi.

Furthermore, it was reported that Grimaldi was recently seen not wearing her engagement ring.

But today, a source announced that Viall and Grimaldi will be officially moving in together. The young famous pair will be staying in an L.A apartment.

The source claims Viall and Grimaldi have struggles as a couple but are both determined to remain strong. They are not rushing to hit the altar but “they’re happy and moving forward.”

It has been a while since the Canadian beauty confessed that she was heavily considering the advice of her family to live with Viall. It is evident her decision is now made.

Nick Supports Fiancée’s Fitness Fundraiser Despite Fight

On Twitter, Viall just shared that Grimaldi will be promoting her No Better You Fitness Fundraiser for more educational programs.

In the past, he gave a shout out to his future wifey. The TV personality expressed he was proud that Grimaldi was passionate with her great charitable cause.

Viall is also promoting the start of his own products called The Polished Gent. He is noted to be working on using his playboy image. Besides The Bachelor Season 21 and Bachelor in Paradise, he also previously appeared in The Bachelorette.

Despite the relationship fail and playboy rumors, Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi are still a hot Hollywood couple to look out for.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Pharrell Williams Gushes on Life as a Daddy of Triplets

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Pharrell Williams today show father celebrity

Hot singer/songwriter Pharrell Williams recently talked about his 5-month-old triplets on both Today and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The singer was promoting his single “There’s Something Special” for the family movie Despicable Me 3 but got lots of attention about his new Daddy confessions.

Pharrell Williams Quickly Dodges Diaper Duties

This popular record producer told Jimmy Fallon on the June 27 episode that his three infants “harmonize” when crying. Pharrell also credited his wife, Helen Lasichanh, for taking care of his children.

The next morning, Pharrell told Matt Lauer and Hota Kotb of Today that he does not change the baby diapers. He further stated his wife was “serious” about motherhood.

Even without changing diapers, the 44-year-old is a very hardworking father. The former rapper announced he is making a top-secret album that will soon be released. He also said he will be producing more records with other famous artists.

Jimmy Fallon gave “props” to the celebrity dad for still making time for his children, and the Today hosts thanked Pharrell for always being kind to fans and the show.

Pharrell, who is also an Adidas designer, posted on Instagram a set of three yellow shoes his children have. Written on the fashionable items were the words “Human Race.”

The post was fitting with the theme of his fresh single for Despicable Me 3. “There’s Something Special” is a follow-up to “Yellow Light,” which was made for the same movie. Pharrell expressed that these songs were different than Despicable Me 2‘s wildly popular “Happy.”

More Music News with the Cool Producer

The singer is also promoting his other freshly released collaborations. Calvin Harris features Pharrell alongside Katy Perry in “Feels,” which is sure to be a summer hit. The sexy single already has about 214,000 likes on YouTube.

Pharrell is entrusting his long-time guitarist, Brent Paschke, and co-author Kiko Doran with a multi-touch book available through iBooks. The book is entitled Learn Pharrell Williams’ Happy. It basically teaches music lovers creative ways to reproduce Happy.

This proud father Pharrell Williams is clearly creating more music for entertainment and education. Fans can watch out for more of this musician’s projects soon.

Photo Credit:

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Bill Cosby Tries to Restore ‘Fat Albert’ Legacy After Mistrial

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The drug and sexual assault case against Bill Cosby, the creator of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, was ruled a mistrial due to lack of evidence. The well-known comedian will be reviving his old family animated show through DVDs and other products in an attempt to rebuild his image.

Bill Cosby Set On Bringing Back Show Amidst Pending Jail Time

In a recent analysis of 79-year-old Cosby’s mistrial case, juror Bobby Dugan described what happened to several news outlets. Cosby confirmed that he did not have consent from Constand. But other jurors misunderstood Constand’s intentions of reopening the case.

TMZ reported that before the trial, Cosby renewed his rights to his beloved animated series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. It was speculated he will be promoting products inspired by the old show even if the comedian were imprisoned.

Cosby was believed to shout “Hey, hey, hey!” before the case was ruled a mistrial. The phrase is from the family show and allegedly created an upset.

Cosby’s Decision to ‘Educate the Youth’ Fails to Impress

Cosby will now be going on an educational tour that focuses on town hall meetings with young people. His spokespeople, Ebonee Benson and Andrew Wyatt, announced to the media that the star will be discussing the dangers of sexual-crime allegations.

According to, the Cosby publicists emphasized the town hall meetings will be made to mainly “talk about the restoration of this man’s legacy that was destroyed by the media.” Then the spokespeople further stressed that the former actor will not cover the topic of sexual assault. Many people are not impressed by this tour.

“It would be more useful if Mr. Cosby would spend time talking with people about how not to commit sexual assault in the first place,” RAINN spokeswoman Jodi Omear said in a statement.

The dates of his upcoming educational town hall meetings and Fat Albert projects are yet to be confirmed. There are beliefs Cosby may face more trial cases. There are 50 sex-offense cases against the star that were reported for the past two years.

In the last trial, there are critics which argue that the Cosby cases would only waste time and finances. Others believe the show-runner should pay jail time.

On the official Twitter account of Cosby, the star thanked Benson and Wyatt for their hard work. He also showed gratitude to his supporters. The producer did not confirm any updates on his Fat Albert franchise and clearly is focusing on his tour.

You Tube viewers are currently in a hot debate with their reaction on Cosby’s mistrial. Most comments indicate Bill Cosby may not be able to regain his former “father” image despite his efforts with a youth-focused tour.

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BET 2017 Recap: Chance the Rapper Drops “L” Word, Solange Introduces New Style, and Hot Hookups

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2017 BET Awards Winner

At the 2017 BET awards, several stars celebrated the achievements of African-Americans in entertainment and beyond. There were a number of intriguing happenings at the prestigious event.

Chance the Rapper Charms SNL Star

Chance the Rapper received the Humanitarian Award for helping the Chicago Public Schools, making him (at 24 years old) the youngest recipient of the award. According to Refinery29, the hot artist was briefly mentioned by BET 2017’s host Leslie Jones in her opening set. To which, Chance the Rapper reacted by mouthing, “I love you!”

In the past, the No Problem hitmaker once squealed when Beyonce kissed his cheek. The singer is known to be respectful towards the ladies. His sweet exchange with Jones of SNL was only a show of support.

The popular artist is believed to have a new collaboration with Future. Last March, he was reported to gush about making more hits. Thus, fans can anticipate fresh new music from Chance the Rapper soon.

Solange Starts Sexy Style

Solange received the Centric Award at the BET 2017 Awards and could not hide her joy as she dedicated it to her family. She stated that she was grateful to her husband, Alan Ferguson, who directed her Cranes in the Sky music video.

The younger sister of Beyonce was praised by fashion critics for her black architectural pantsuit which was described as minimalist.  The style was considered sexy for its simplicity.

US Weekly stated Solange was last seen at L.A.’s Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center to see her new born nephew and niece. The 31-year-old singer and aunt will likely be creating more music for her fans soon.

BET 2017 Dating News

At the four-day event, lots of attention was drawn to celebrity couples that attended. Two crowd favorites were Big Sean and Jhene Aiko along with Remy Ma and Papoose.

Big Sean wore a red suit while Jhene wore a pink and red patterned ensemble. Fans can recall that Jhene sings with her beau in his hit I Know. Many of them supported the couple by posting their pictures on Twitter.

Remy Ma and Papoose both wore blue on their BET 2017 date. Allegations are that the couple were avoided by Nicki Minaj. Remy Ma got the honor of taking the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist award, which Nicki Minaj held for the past seven years.

The BET 2017 was full of unforgettable moments and highlighted the coolness of African-American stars. Fans can anticipate more projects from these artists by following them throughout the year.

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‘Wonder Woman’ Whips Competition, Breaks Box Office Records

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Within its first three weeks in theaters, the hyper-successful Wonder Woman film soared by earning an estimated $650 million globally. Wonder Woman is now the highest-grossing live-action film directed by a woman. Patty Jenkins, who won an Oscar in 2003 for directing Monster, waited 14 years before she directed another movie, according to Variety. Jenkins has now broken box office records, with Wonder Woman earning more than the previous title-holder, Mamma Mia!, which earned $609.8 million.

Domestically, Wonder Woman is already the third highest-grossing film of 2017 at $289.2 million. It ranks behind Beauty and the Beast ($503.5 million) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($376.7 million), according to Variety.

Other Superhero Films Bow Down to Wonder Woman

This adventure film just pocketed in more theater tickets compared to previous famous comic-based movies with male leads. According to Forbes, 2002’s Spider-Man only earned $403 million and Deadpool earned $363 million.

This female-empowering movie is now ranked sixth among the world’s highest-grossing films. Among the major comic adapted films, 2012’s The Avengers is currently on top with $623 million.

In August, Wonder Woman (WW) will be making its debut in Japan. It will likely be one of the most trending movies of the year there as well.

The popular film explores the origin of the DC super-heroine whose true identity is Princess Diana of Amazon, a woman who hopes to prevent the World War. Its plot is far from the 1974 version or its first live action adaption, Wonder Woman TV Movie. In the latter, the super-heroine has no secret to reveal and she battled to save U.S government agents.

The latest adaptation of WW is not only earning tons of money and breaking records, it is also constantly receiving good reviews from celebrities and comic fans alike.

The leading lady of WW, Gal Gadot recently tweeted a picture of her putting on lipstick. It was a repost from a friend. Gadot’s official retweet got 16,000 likes and may receive more.

WW will have a sequel script written by its director, Patty Jenkins. It is yet to be confirmed whether Gal Gadot will sign a contract for the said film.

Audiences have yet to see the box office performances of all films this year and whether Wonder Woman will truly beat all male lead movies this year, but the chances seem high this film will be one for the books.

Photo Credits: Twitter