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Beyoncé Loses Album of the Year to Adele and Even Adele Thinks It’s a Travesty

Today evening time Adele strolled off with a decisive victory of the huge three Grammy classes, including Album of the Year. In the interim, Beyoncé brought home two wins for Urban Contemporary Album and Music Video of the Year, leaving Lemonade fans all things considered asking, “What else might she be able to have done?” The visual collection was not just the separation/get-back-together story heard far and wide. However, an aggregate development—a singing take a gander at the affections of marriage and unfaithfulness by a regularly underrepresented partner in popular culture: black women.

Amid her acknowledgment speech for Album of the Year, Adele all but acknowledged that she was undeserving of the honor. “I can’t possibly accept this award,” she said. “The artist of my life is Beyoncé, and this album for me, the Lemonade album, was so monumental. Beyoncé, so impressive. It was so well thought out and so beautiful and soul-baring. And we all got to see another side to you that you don’t always let us see.” A sorrowful Beyoncé shook her head in the group.

While as of late, the Academy Awards have been blamed for insulting actors of color, the Grammys had, until now, avoided viral campaigns like #OscarsSoWhite, which took off after not a single African-American actor landed an acting nod two years in a row. However, this Grammys reprimand was in no way, shape or form bizarre—to Beyoncé or other black musicians.

2017 imprints the third-time Beyoncé has lost Album of the Year. To begin with, in 2010 to Taylor Swift’s Fearless, and after that in 2015, Beck’s Morning Phase bested Beyoncé’s record-breaking self-titled visual collection. Presently Lemonade has been censured as Adele’s 25 brings home the top prize. The last time a dark female craftsman won the honor was Lauryn Hill in 1999. The last dark craftsman to win Album of the Year was Herbie Hancock in 2008, almost 10 years prior, for a jazz cover collection of Joni Mitchell songs.

Throughout the end of the week, Frank Ocean, who boycotted the honors this year by pulling back his name from though, was at that point airing his grievances about the honors. On Saturday, he composed an open letter on Tumblr to Grammy makers Ken Ehrlich and David Wild, in which he chastised them for giving Swift Best Album over Kendrick Lamar.  “I’ve been tuning into CBS around this time of year for a while to see who gets the top honor,” Ocean wrote. “And you know what’s not “great TV,” guys? 1989 getting Album of the Year over To Pimp a Butterfly. Hands down one of the faultiest TV moments I’ve seen. Believe the people.” He ended his note with: “And if you’re up for a discussion about the cultural bias and general nerve damage the show you produce suffers from, then I’m all for it.”

When the artist who wins Album of the Year uses her acceptance speech as a moment to acknowledge she doesn’t deserve it, that is an unmistakable sign that the Grammys have turned out to be distant as well as explicitly biased.

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