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Drake Worried Sick For Nicki Minaj After Meek Mill Split

When Drake, was thoroughly pulverizing on Nicki Minaj,? We all know he thinks about the “Black Barbies” rapper an incredible arrangement even if they’re not a romantic couple, and right now, he’s anxious about her. “Nicki is leaning on Drake and talking to him about her split from Meek [Mill],” a source tells. “She told Drake she’s anxious about Meek because, since the split, he’s been doing nothing but turning up, getting drunk in the club with his boys, and posting these belligerent videos on social media.”

Drake knows better than anyone anybody what it feels like to experience an unpleasant separation. The “One Dancer” hit-producer was head over heels in adoration with Rihanna for quite a long time, and watch how that worked out. He openly announced his love for her at the VMAs, yet now and then things don’t go as expected. Drake feels for Nicki’s broken heart and is venturing up to the plate to be her rock.

Compliant then again, doesn’t seem to need to same emotionally supportive network and may suffocate his distresses with liquor.  “She told Drake that Meek isn’t even a big drinker like that, and she fears that if he keeps this up, he’s going to do something stupid,” the source proceeds. “Drake‘s taking it all in and feels terrible for Nicki. He told her to stay strong and to try to keep her mind off Meek.” We know Drake is fixated on Jennifer Lopez at this moment, yet that doesn’t mean he can’t be an incredible companion to Nicki.

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