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Duchess Kate wears £325 Reiss coat & jeans for Wales events: cute or meh?


First of all, the children in these photos are absolutely adorable. You guys know I’m not even a kid-person (I prefer the company of the elderly to children) but some of the kids in these photos are so freaking cute, I got a little pang. These are photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Wales today. They are on an official day-trip to Caernarfon, where they scheduled back-to-back events, like a trip to a photography exhibit run by Mind.

Kate actually wore PANTS. For an official outing! And her bangs aren’t in her eyes! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle. Of course, the pants are skinny jeans and we can barely even see them. She tucked them into moderately-heeled knee-high boots (thank God she didn’t wear sky-high heels while meeting with children again). It looks like she’s wearing just a simple black turtleneck underneath her £325 green Reiss coat. The best surprise is that Kate wore a jaunty ponytail and we can’t see her bangs at all. Do I think the pony is too high and puffy? Sure. Do I think Kate has “helmet head”? Yes. But after the bangs catastrophe during Kate’s speech on Wednesday, I’m grateful for this small mercy.

If she wanted to really go casual, you know what would have looked great here? A peacoat! Kate owns millions of coats and some of them are double-breasted (extra buttons), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a traditional, hip-length, fisherman-style peacoat.





Photos courtesy of WENN.


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