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Ed Sheeran temporarily quits twitter after Game of Thrones backlash

Ed Sheeran temporarily deleted his Twitter account this week, a month after claiming that he planned to stop using it.

The singer’s cameo appearance on “Game of Thrones” on Sunday brought an onslaught  mix of criticism and praise on social media, prompting fans to speculate that he deleted his account because of the shade he received over his performance.

The main criticism from hardcore Game of Thrones and some entertainment reporters was around the fact that there seemed to have been little attempt to disguise his cameo – meanwhile other artists such as Coldplay drummer Will Champion, the band Sigur Ros and Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol were more subtle in their appearances on the famed HBO show.

Co-showrunner David Benioff said this about his cameo: “We knew that Maisie [Williams] was a big fan of Ed Sheeran, and for years we’ve been trying to get him on the show so we can surprise Maisie. This year we finally did it.”

When it comes to his media presences, this absence is no surprising given that Sheeran has said before that negative comments directed at him has turned him off to the social media platform.

“I go on it and there’s nothing but people saying mean things,” Sheeran said. “Twitter’s a platform for that.”

He had later retracted his comments in an Instagram post where he said: “I haven’t quit anything” and said he simply wasn’t reading Twitter comments.

He may have not quit, since the account is once again active -but the last tweet is a reply from two years ago: April, 2015.

Sheeran remains pretty active on Instagram, where he shared a behind-the-scenes selfie from the “Game of Thrones” set on Monday.

A post shared by Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos) on

The singer also posted about his future cameo on another beloved TV show: The Simpsons, as a character caught up in a love triangle with Lisa Simpson.

Game of Thrones season 7 continues on HBO.


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