Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Back Together After Nasty Split

What split? Nicki Minaj, 34, and Meek Mill, 29, are purportedly back together in the wake of having experienced a dreadful separation the first week of January. What’s more, get this — their “breakup” may have quite recently been a reputation stunt.

“I don’t think they ever even broke up. Nicki was in the studio all last week, and she was texting with [Meek]. He even came by and picked her up,” a source told MediaTakeOut.

So what the hell is going on? Is it safe to say that we were tricked?  “I don’t know – it’s probably all just [publicity]. I don’t think they ever broke up,” the source included.

That is fascinating considering Nicki took to Twitter to declare she’s “single” on Jan. 5. In an ardent tweet to her fans, she stated, “To confirm, yes I am single. Focusing on my work & looking forward to sharing it with you guys soon. Have a blessed New Year. Love u?.”  We can’t envision Nicki would deceive her fans, yet we’ve seen famous people do more regrettable.

What’s more, if Nicki and Meek are back together, we’re super glad for them. We’re generally enthusiasts of adoration! Also, while “separated,” Meek Mill was spiraling crazy. Now that they’re as one once more, that’ll most likely stop.

“Nicki’s really worried about Meek because since the split he’s been doing nothing but turning up and partying in the club with his boys, and posting these belligerent videos on social media,” a source as of late let us know. “Meek isn’t even a drinker like that and Nicki fears that if he keeps this up he’s going to do something stupid.”

Vanessa Grimaldi: 5 Things To Know About The Stunning “Lone Ranger” Contestant

  1. She’s a Special Education Teacher and emphatically trusts that her life’s motivation was to be an instructor… and a mother! So obviously, she’s prepared to find love — possibly with Nick Viall!
  2. She’s from Montreal, Quebec, Canada — and glad for it. She as of late posted on Instagram wearing charming onesie night robe that flaunted her Canadian pride! While she learned French and English in school, she is 100 percent Italian and grew up talking that around the house. The family is “imperative” to her, and if she gets to primary residence dates, Nick should be readied! “I respect my family’s opinions as they usually are right in the end,” she said in her interview
  3. She’s been in motion pictures! As indicated by her IMDB page, she’s been in Being Human, Blue Mountain State and Ascension. She’s likewise co-facilitated Gameloft podcasts and recordings — so perhaps she’d go into that vocation, as well.
  4. When she met Nick, she let him know that she was submitted for The Bachelor by a companion and had advised her friend she truly needed it to be Nick. When she discovered it was him, she felt like the “stars aligned.” She has been in a long haul relationship before however, as she uncovered in her meeting that the most sentimental thing she’s ever gotten is a guarantee ring!
  5. She doesn’t hold back. In one scene, we see Vanessa confronting Nick. “Are you looking for a wife? Are you looking for someone to f—k around with?” she asks him. All things considered that one way to be direct!


Selena Gomez isn’t purchasing Bella Hadid’s fellowship catastrophe after the singer scooped up The Weeknd … the reason’s simple – she says they weren’t that nearby.

Sources near Selena say if Bella really feels sold out by her new excursion, it comes without legitimacy. We’re told Selena’s dependably been closest companions with “squad” pioneer Taylor Swift … be that as it may, the Hadid sisters were just far off associates.

Our sources say if Selena really felt she expected to tell Bella (as a companion) that she and The Weeknd had a thing going on, she would have … be that as it may, Bella simply isn’t a close friend.

As for her situation with The Weeknd — our Selena sources say the two-started hanging out just before the holidays – however weren’t as one for the festivals.

We’re told the new couple isn’t yet “that serious” … however, regardless of the possibility that they were, Bella’s playing the casualty card far too hard.

Kim Kardashian Is in a “Really Great Place” Three Months After Paris Robbery

After an attempting 2016 finale, Kim Kardashian has ventured into the new year with a grin.

Following her Paris robbery in October, the global reality star abruptly withdrew from the spotlight and kept off of online networking, energizing inquiries in the matter of regardless of whether Kardashian’s association with acclaim could ever be the same. At that point, Kanye West was startlingly hospitalized for seven days after suffering exhaustion.

Naysayers raised doubt about the couple’s marriage, yet the mother of two stuck by her man, and now they are both turning out the opposite side in the wake of all that they’ve confronted together.

“Kim is in a great place right now,” a source near the couple told. “Kim and Kanye are very happy.”

In front of her first authority appearance at cosmetics craftsman Mario Dedivanovic’s Lord class in Dubai, the couple hobnobbed on Sunday before Kim needed to make the excursion a couple of days after the fact.

“They stayed at home and watched the Golden Globes, and she got a lot of quality time with the family before she went on her trip,” the source included.

General society got a look at the team out on the town together the following day when they ventured out for a sushi date during news that suspects in the theft had been captured. As indicated by an eyewitness, the two stars were “in a good mood.”

“It has been like things are back to normal,” the second source portrayed, emphasizing that she was assuaged to hear news of the captures. Her first authority appearance went efficiently on Friday as the mother of two was warmly gotten by her fans in Dubai and participants spouted about the experience via web-based social media.

The star seemed like herself, prodding her long-lasting cosmetics craftsman amid the class. “I’m so eager to be here,” the star told the group as she strolled in front of an audience. “Let’s hope Mario does a good job.”

While she was cheerful to be there, Kim didn’t anticipate remaining for long. “She will be home right away after she is done,” the source affirmed.

All things considered, with regards to the Kardashians, the family is everything.

Mazel! Jenni Pulos Is Expecting Her Second Child

What’s more, baby number two makes four. Jenni Pulos has affirmed that she’s expecting her second kid in a lovable Instagram is highlighting her 3-year-old little girl, Alianna. “Miracles are everywhere! Thanking God and everyone whose kindness and support helped more than you will ever know,” she shared about her infant news. She affirmed to PEOPLE that she and spouse, Jonathan Nassos, will welcome another little girl this June.

“It was a real miracle,” the Flipping Out mom told the magazine. “For me, there was this unconditional love I received from my daughter that validated everything that other people hadn’t in my life. So when I found out that that would happen again, it was like, this is too great.”

As fans saw keep going season on Flipping Out, Jenni’s arrangements to extend her family hit a tangle while seeking after IVF, when her specialist educated her that her eggs were not suitable. In any case, she imparted to The Daily Dish back in August that she would seek after IVF once more. She even met with fruitfulness expert Dr. Daniel A. Potter, who helped Jeff Lewis and his accomplice, Gage Edward, get pregnant through a surrogate.

“We had one chance, and through the process, we almost stopped because the doctor said, ‘This isn’t looking good.’ And something in me said, ‘Go forward,'” she told PEOPLE, including, “I feel like a champion because I took this on. I ca n’t say what it’s going to feel like the day my daughter is born. I fought for this little girl.”


Zach Fernandez who notoriously altered the iconic Hollywood sign to read “Hollyweed” … surrendered to cops and was expeditiously captured Monday evening. He handed himself over at LAPD’s Hollywood station with his lawyer close behind. He was reserved for crime trespassing, and released after posting a $1,000 bond.

Zach pulled the trick on New Year’s Day, keeping in mind he was adulated by kindred weed smokers … he rapidly felt the warmth from cops. As we revealed, he had rushed away after promising to meet with detectives.

Drake Worried Sick For Nicki Minaj After Meek Mill Split

When Drake, was thoroughly pulverizing on Nicki Minaj,? We all know he thinks about the “Black Barbies” rapper an incredible arrangement even if they’re not a romantic couple, and right now, he’s anxious about her. “Nicki is leaning on Drake and talking to him about her split from Meek [Mill],” a source tells. “She told Drake she’s anxious about Meek because, since the split, he’s been doing nothing but turning up, getting drunk in the club with his boys, and posting these belligerent videos on social media.”

Drake knows better than anyone anybody what it feels like to experience an unpleasant separation. The “One Dancer” hit-producer was head over heels in adoration with Rihanna for quite a long time, and watch how that worked out. He openly announced his love for her at the VMAs, yet now and then things don’t go as expected. Drake feels for Nicki’s broken heart and is venturing up to the plate to be her rock.

Compliant then again, doesn’t seem to need to same emotionally supportive network and may suffocate his distresses with liquor.  “She told Drake that Meek isn’t even a big drinker like that, and she fears that if he keeps this up, he’s going to do something stupid,” the source proceeds. “Drake‘s taking it all in and feels terrible for Nicki. He told her to stay strong and to try to keep her mind off Meek.” We know Drake is fixated on Jennifer Lopez at this moment, yet that doesn’t mean he can’t be an incredible companion to Nicki.

Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable New Family Photos on Social Media

Kim Kardashian is squandering no time with regards to her social media return.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star vanished from online networking after her burglary in Paris in October, yet with another year arrived another Kim—at any rate as far as web-based social networking. While her Instagram profile still houses every last bit of her old photographs that highlighted suggestive outfits, selfies and a lot of cleavages, it shows up her 2017 picture will be significantly more family oriented.

On Thursday Kim shared two new photos on her Instagram: one of her clutching cute child Saint West and another of huge sister North West watching over Saint. She likewise put three sharp pictures on her application and site that will make you say, “awww.” One photograph highlights hubby Kanye West investing quality energy with his girl, who is wearing an adorable track coat. The other two are close pictures of Kim and Kanye’s children, who as of now have all the earmarks of being the best of companions.

While Kim experienced something incredibly traumatic toward the end of 2016, the lesson she learned—and the lesson she needs every one of her devotees to know—is that family will always be the most essential.


Preggo Jenelle Evans and her current baby daddy, David Eason, went to a guardianship listening to Wednesday in North Carolina over her 2-year-old child with an ex, Nathan Griffith.

Not at all awkward.

The “Teen Mom 2” star is expecting a young lady toward the end of the month with Eason. Ideally, her drink was decaf.

Notwithstanding 2-year-old, Kaiser, with Griffith, she additionally has 7-year-old Jace … with ex Andrew Lewis. Will third chance be the one?


Johnny Depp is laughing at Amber Heard’s endeavor to get more from him than they concurred in their separation settlement, and he’s advising the judge she simply needs to remain important and sway public opinion.

Johnny documented legal docs saying an arrangement is an arrangement, and they officially concurred on the $7 million settlement months prior. Amber recently filed legal docs asking for more, but Johnny says that ship has sailed.

Johnny’s legal advisor, Laura Wasser, says Amber’s turn is “a blatant attempt to extend her fifteen minutes of fame” and “an embarrassing grab for additional and unwarranted attorney’s fees.” Amber is likewise requesting that to reopen the $7 million settlement.