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Kylie Jenner Speaks Out On Cheek and Jaw Plastic Surgery Rumors.

Kylie Jenner, 19, has all of her original parts! “No, I didn’t [have cheek surgery],” Kylie said by means of her official site. “You really think Kris Jenner would let a 16-year-old me have cheek and jaw reconstructive surgery? No!”  Well, there you have it. WATCH Kylie say it herself in the video above!

Kylie likewise uncovered that she’s “always” cherished her jaw and has “never” wanted to work on it. She then clarified that her face looks changed due to the fillers she’s gotten in her lips. “I always used to love my jaw,” Kylie composed.  “I was never self-conscious about my jaw, but before I got my lips done, my lips were very tiny and more like sunken into my chin.”

“Someone made a meme of me on the internet of me that I was the Crimson Chin,” she added. “And me and [my friend] Stas have been laughing about it for about six years. But now that I have big-ass lips, it looks normal!” Okay, then.

At last, Kylie uncovered that she doesn’t anticipate getting her breasts or butt done. She said she enjoys how her boobs are an “cute little size”, however she has considered surgery. “I’ve thought about it and I think ‘Why ruin it?’ I have really good boobs naturally,” Kylie gloated. “They’re like a cute little size. I’m not against it but right now, it’s a no from me. No ass implants, no ass implants.”

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