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Mazel! Jenni Pulos Is Expecting Her Second Child

What’s more, baby number two makes four. Jenni Pulos has affirmed that she’s expecting her second kid in a lovable Instagram is highlighting her 3-year-old little girl, Alianna. “Miracles are everywhere! Thanking God and everyone whose kindness and support helped more than you will ever know,” she shared about her infant news. She affirmed to PEOPLE that she and spouse, Jonathan Nassos, will welcome another little girl this June.

“It was a real miracle,” the Flipping Out mom told the magazine. “For me, there was this unconditional love I received from my daughter that validated everything that other people hadn’t in my life. So when I found out that that would happen again, it was like, this is too great.”

As fans saw keep going season on Flipping Out, Jenni’s arrangements to extend her family hit a tangle while seeking after IVF, when her specialist educated her that her eggs were not suitable. In any case, she imparted to The Daily Dish back in August that she would seek after IVF once more. She even met with fruitfulness expert Dr. Daniel A. Potter, who helped Jeff Lewis and his accomplice, Gage Edward, get pregnant through a surrogate.

“We had one chance, and through the process, we almost stopped because the doctor said, ‘This isn’t looking good.’ And something in me said, ‘Go forward,'” she told PEOPLE, including, “I feel like a champion because I took this on. I ca n’t say what it’s going to feel like the day my daughter is born. I fought for this little girl.”

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