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Not My President: Rashida Jones & More Celebs Defiantly Refuse Trump

Wow. Celebrities are acting out in droves against President-elect Donald Trump, declaring that he is definitely NOT their President. Click inside to see what stars like Rashida Jones, Anna Kendrick and more are saying on social media.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump, 70, has a long road ahead of him in order to get a large portion of the American people to accept him as their leader. Not only are some well-known celebrities spreading the #NotMyPresident hashtag on social media in light of the election results, but they are vehemently refusing to believe that this is real life.

Parks & Recreation star Rashida Jones, 40, added “#NeverMyPresident” to her defiant tweet, while Anna Kendrick, 31, admitted to crying over Hillary Clinton‘s heartbreaking loss. Kylie Jenner, 19, who voted for the very first time this election, shared an image on Instagram of a woman reading a newspaper that said, “Day the world ended.” So sad.

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  1. Unfortunately for Trump he has to be the president of these idiots too who don’t even know they are all benefiting from him being so.

  2. We don’t care what any of you think? Just so you know Obama was never My president. Stick to entertainment, I don’t want to hear your views same as you don’t want to hear my views. I value entertainment but I sure don’t care about your views. Keep it up and we’ll quite buying your records and movies. Whether you like it or not Trump is the President of the United States of America.

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