Prince William’s employer asks for charitable donations for a kitchen redo


Here are some photos of Prince William flying solo at the Tusk Conservation Awards last night in London. William is very involved, consistently, with the Tusk Trust, a conservation and anti-poaching foundation. William often goes solo to Tusk Trust events, possibly because Kate doesn’t care that much, possibly because William wants at least one issue that is solely “his,” and possibly because Jecca Craig is also involved with Tusk Trust. Incidentally, I heard that Jecca Craig got married a few months ago, but it was just a random Twitter report and there was no mention of it in the British tabloids. Suspicious? Absolutely.

William helped hand out awards at this event, and he made a speech about the importance of wildlife conservation, which you can read here. We complain about William and his petty tyrant act so much, but I’m perfectly willing to acknowledge that his work on conservation is fine, even admirable. It also strikes me that William has stepped up his “work” schedule more in the past two months, and whatever happened to his job at East Anglian Air Ambulance? Is he already bored and taking time off constantly? Probably, but so far, the British papers are keeping quiet. There was this absolutely fascinating story in the Daily Mail though:

Prince William’s employers are appealing for people to donate essential household appliances for the East Anglian Air Ambulance offices. The charity has launched a Facebook appeal for 55in televisions to furnish new offices built for the Duke of Cambridge and his colleagues – just months after he joined as an air ambulance pilot. The EAAA plans to put the televisions in the boardroom and training room so the crew can watch training videos.

The charity is also appealing for a large larder fridge, under counter fridge, under counter freezer, dishwasher and microwave for the new two-storey operations base at Cambridge International Airport, believed to be at least a quarter of a million pounds. Until now, Prince William and the crew have had to use a tiny room at the back of the main airport building as a base, which staff have previously described as ‘cosy.’

The new building, which is set to be unveiled next month and is much bigger than the current offices, will feature a canteen and sleeping accommodation. The EAAA wrote on Facebook: ‘EAAA needs your help! The crew and clinical team are moving to our new base at the Cambridge airport very soon. We are asking our lovely supporters and generous companies to help us furnish the new accommodation. We need a large larder fridge, an under counter fridge, an under counter freezer, a dishwasher, a microwave and 55′ TVs. If you can support us by donating any white goods, please get in touch!’

One Cambridge resident, who did not want to be named, said on Tuesday: ‘You would think William would have a spare microwave or fridge after taking out his old kitchen at Anmer Hall in Norfolk.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Dear anonymous Cambridge resident: I love you and your sick burns. Marry me!!! It’s true. William and Kate got bored and spent millions of pounds doing neverending renovations on Anmer Hall and Kensington Palace. The Anmer reno included ripping out a perfectly beautiful kitchen just so the Middletons would have a more modern kitchen in which to get sh-tfaced on organic daiquiris. I wonder what happened to all of the stuff they didn’t “need”? I wonder why the EAAA needs those donations when the royal family had to “donate” an air ambulance just so William could play-act normalcy? And is he still pulling a salary and claiming that he “donates” it to charity?


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Michael Lohan Asks Judge to Ban Dina Lohan’s Book


Michael Lohan
wants 2 things to burn in hell … Dina Lohan and her book … a book he wants stopped.

Michael was contacted by Birdstreet Books this week, informing him Dina had written a tell-all and he was a featured player.  It seems Birdstreet wanted Michael to sign off, but not so fast — Michael said he wants to see what she wrote … line for line.

And Mr. Lohan reminded the publishing house … he and Dina are under a gag order, and that applies to books, so she can’t legally write trash about him.

Michael is as certain as certain can be … Dina’s not writing a love letter to him in the book, and unless he sees the draft and signs off, he’ll go to court to stop it in its tracks.