Kate Major — Arrested and Behind Bars After Airline Meltdown


Kate Major will spend Thanksgiving behind bars and has a date tomorrow with a federal judge, who will ask her how she wants to plead in a case involving out-of-control behavior on a plane.

TMZ broke the story … Kate was flying from Ft. Lauderdale to L.A.  Michael Lohan‘s troubled estranged wife was apparently drinking in the Ft. Lauderdale airport bar and both she and the plane fueled up before takeoff … she gassed up on shots.

We’re told once in the air, Kate went nuts first on a passenger and then on flight attendants … all over leg room.

The plane was diverted to New Orleans where Kate was met by airport police and then turned over to the FBI.

She’s currently in federal custody and will be charged with Interfering with a Flight Crew … a felony.


Teresa Giudice: Mistreating Daughter Gia From Behind Bars?

Teresa Giudice is almost through serving her 15-month prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud. 

Of course, thanks to Bravo’s (hilariously low-rated) Teresa Checks In specials, the incarcerated Housewife has already returned to the network that made her famous…kind of.

We hear Teresa’s voice on the show (through phone calls to her family), but for obvious reasons, she never actually appears on camera.

It’s not the first time that Teresa has figured out innovative ways to remind the world of her continued existence. Back in June, a tweet from Teresa baffled fans, as prisoners are not permitted to use social media.

It turns out the tweet was posted by Teresa’s 14-year-old daughter Gia (at Teresa’s request), and if that were the only time that Gia was asked to assist with her mother’s career during her sentence, it probably would’ve been no big deal.

But as Teresa Checks In demonstrates, Gia has basically served as her mother’s proxy during the past ten months, and many fans feel that such treatment constitutes abuse on Gia’s part

“I hate that! Those kids should never be involved in grownup’s business,” tweeted one viewer.

“People usually change when they go to prison, but it’s so obvious Teresa and her husband won’t change one bit,” wrote another. 

Obviously, Teresa isn’t in a position to defend her parenting decisions, but we get the feeling she’ll have plenty to say on the matter when she’s released.

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