Khloe & Tristan Swap Spit in Club – Antonio Brown’s Twerk Celebration is Still Hilarious (PICS/VIDEOS)

tristan & khloe hand-in-hand
*Whoooweee! That’s kinda the reaction folks are having to a snap of 32-year-old Khloe Kardashian and Cleveland Cavaliers baller Tristan Thompson, 25, swapping spit. Obviously their “secret” relationship is no longer secret.

Khloe and Tristan have been seen quite a bit in the last several weeks , leaving folks to only conclude that there’s got to be something going on. But now that the world has seen them getting’ busy at Zuma in Miami, there’s little to question.

khloe & tristan-kissing

Khloe posted a Snapchat video of them kissing at Zuma nightclub, letting us all know that they are more than just friends. See the clip below:


Meanwhile, we’re still tripping on the fact that Pittsburgh Steelers’ Antonio Brown was hit with a 15-yard penalty when he twerked, after celebrating his third-quarter touchdown catch last Monday night against the Washington Redskins. Check out the clip of Brown, who also appeared on “Dancing With The Stars” last season.

antonio brown-twerk

Watch him get his twerk on after the touchdown:

If you haven’t figured it out, he was fined because twerking is banned by the NFL because apparently it is a “sexually suggestive” celebration. As expected, fans are already imitating what went down. Check out this youngster. already started.

Check out this kid:

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Khloe Kardashian: The doctors first told me that Lamar only had ‘four hours’ to live


Khloe Kardashian gave an interview to the Today Show and the interview aired yesterday. I suspect it was done days ago, if not more than a week ago. Khloe likely had the interview lined up to promote her book, and then after everything with Lamar Odom, media outlets have just been dividing their questions in half – one half about the book and one half about Lamar. In this interview, Khloe gets through the Lamar question at the beginning, then she spends the rest of the time shilling for the book. Here’s the video, and try not to get distracted by Khloe’s absolutely ABSURD overinflated lips.

When asked about Lamar, Khloe just sort of goes on a stream of consciousness answer about what it was like for her to get the call about Lamar, and what the doctors told her:

“They told me that he had four hours. It’s a horrible call to get. Getting to the hospital and knowing he’s in a coma and having to run these tests or make medical decisions — it’s terrifying…You have to make risk-and-reward decisions. Like, okay, well, there’s an 80 percent chance if we do this operation, he might pass away. But also, if we don’t do it, there’s a 90 percent chance he’ll pass away…[Later on] They kept saying, ‘He’s not out of the woods. You’re so optimistic. You’re so positive.’ They wanted to keep reminding me, ‘We’re nowhere in the clear.’ But I was like, ‘You guys told me he was going to die just a few days ago.’”

[Via Us Weekly]

As for how Lamar is doing now, Khloe says that he’s “learning how to walk again and learning . . . cognitive therapy and speech therapy. They think, like, within a year and a half to two years that, mentally, he might be fully recovered. But they don’t know.” She’s also maintaining that they will divorce, and “I’m still separated with him, but I’m just not expediting” the divorce papers because, in her words, Lamar “had no one else to make these decisions for him.”

How do you feel about Khloe having these kinds of conversations publicly? I’ll admit that when I just read the headlines, I was like, “Ugh, Khloe, it’s kind of tacky to talk about this stuff so publicly.” But… in the context of the interview, I can sort of understand it. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to say “no comment” or “you know what, that’s too private to discuss” about some of this stuff. Because right now, it seems like Khloe is promoting her book by selling out Lamar’s medical business.


Photos courtesy of WENN.


Khloe Kardashian Goes On Drug-Fueled Twitter Rant Bashing Lamar Odom — See Her Angry Tweets!

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James Harden supports Khloe Kardashian by staying away from Las Vegas


Khloe Kardashian has been at Lamar Odom’s bedside since the 14th. She has reportedly been sleeping at the hospital and focusing all of her attention on Lamar’s medical care. Yesterday, we heard that Khloe is now focusing on Lamar’s rehabilitation, as in Lamar is still in bad shape physically and he’s going to need months of physical rehab to get back on track, and Khloe is focused on being there for him for that as well. TMZ mentioned yesterday that Khloe hasn’t spent much or any time thinking about or talking to her boyfriend James Harden. And now we sort of know why: Harden is giving Khloe “space.”

As Khloé Kardashian stays by Lamar Odom’s hospital bedside, her boyfriend James Harden is respectfully keeping his distance.

“He is so nice and being as supportive as humanly possible given the situation,” a source close to the Kardashians tells PEOPLE. “Lamar essentially has zero consistent family other than the Kardashians, and James understands that. The last thing he would want to do would be to add more stress to her plate.”

Odom, 35, woke up from a coma Friday, four days after he was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel. The former basketball star is being treated at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, and his estranged wife has not left since rushing there Tuesday. Kardashian, 31, is still legally married to Odom even though they both signed divorce papers in July. The couple split in 2013, and she began dating Houston Rockets shooting guard Harden in June. Now, he’s comforting Kardashian from afar.

“He never had any intention of going to Vegas. He supports her of course, but understands she needs space and to be with Lamar,” another source tells PEOPLE.

[From People]

Raise your hand if you believe that Harden really cares one way or the other. Now raise your hand if you believe Khloe gives a crap one way or the other. I mean, I have no doubt that she was having fun with Harden and all of that, but Khloe has shown the world her priorities and they involve Lamar and not James Harden. I doubt it’s any big deal and in a few weeks, we’ll probably hear that they’ve split up with no hard feelings. I didn’t get the impression that they were super-serious anyway and this Lamar situation has just put a quick end to all of that.

Oh, and Lamar has been transferred to LA by helicopter, with Khloe at his side.

Update: well, that was fast! TMZ says that Harden and Khloe have already split, or “put their relationship on hold.” Obviously.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.


Khloe Kardashian Releases First Statement Since Lamar Odom Hospitalization

Over the past several days, we’ve heard from nearly every member of the Kardashian-Jenner family in regard to the tragic Lamar Odom situation.

Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian have all issued statements on social media in support of their troubled loved one.

And now Khloe Kardashian has done the same.

Khloe, who is technically still married to Lamar, flew immediately to her estranged husband’s hospital bedside in Las Vegas as soon as she learned he had fallen into a coma.

She remained there all of last week and is expected to continue to support Odom now that he’s been transported to Los Angeles.

“The past week has been incredibly difficult,” Khloe wrote this morning on her official website.

“I am so thankful to family, friends, and fans, who have sent nothing but prayers and well wishes to Lamar. I also want to take a moment to thank everyone at Sunrise Hospital, including the amazing doctors and nurses for their kindness and diligent work.

“Under their amazing care, incredible strides have been made.”

Just a few days ago, Odom’s odds of survival were placed at a mere 50%.

He may still need a kidney transplant and there’s a long road to recovery ahead. But at least there are reasons to be cautiously optimistic.

“You can never be prepared for an experience like this, but without the outpouring of love and endless prayers that Lamar has received and the strength I was given from my loved ones, it would have been difficult to endure,” Khloe added, concluding:

“Thank you for your continued support. God is great!!!”

These words mark the first time the 31-year old reality star has spoken in public since Odom was found unconscious on October 13 inside a VIP suite at the Love Ranch South brothel in Pahrump, Nevada.

As his legal wife, Khloe was in charge of all medical decisions until Odom was deemed healthy enough to make his own choices.

“Khloe is committed to staying with [Lamar],” a source told Us Weekly, adding of the days ahead and also behind:

“It’s a slow process, but Khloe [has been] there every step of the way…It’s all been so draining and emotional.”

The Hollywood Gossip

Lamar Odom Is Unable To Stand Up But Making Progress As Khloe Kardashian Remains By His Side

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Khloe Kardashian Puts Relationship with James Harden on Hold

1019-khloe-lamar-james-harden-TMZ-01Khloe Kardashian has put the brakes on her relationship with James Harden, in the wake of Lamar Odom‘s medical crisis … sources tell TMZ.

We’re told Khloe is putting her relationship with the NBA star on ice, and as one source puts it, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see she still has deep feelings for Lamar.

TMZ broke the story … Khloe will be by Lamar’s side during his rehab, which will take many months.

As we reported, Khloe and Lamar both signed the final divorce docs, but it takes anywhere from 2 to 4 months to process.


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Khloe Kardashian — Thank You Everyone for Showing Lamar Love

breaking news


Khloe Kardashian just thanked everyone who has prayed for Lamar Odom and supported her over the last week.

Khloe posted on her website, “The past week has been incredibly difficult. I am so thankful to family, friends, and fans, who have sent nothing but prayers and well wishes to Lamar.”

She added, “I also want to take a moment to thank everyone at Sunrise Hospital, including the amazing doctors and nurses for their kindness and diligent work. Under their amazing care, incredible strides have been made.”

And Khloe offered wisdom … “You can never be prepared for an experience like this, but without the outpouring of love and endless prayers that Lamar has received and the strength I was given from my loved ones, it would have been difficult to endure. Thank you for your continued support. God is great!!!”

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