Kylie Jenner & Tyga Photos: A Hot Couple’s Rise & Fall

Kylie Jenner and Tyga. For a few months, they were the “It” couple of Hollywood.

Were they dating before August 2015? He says no, or at least he did … until she turned 18. Even then, he didn’t say yes, but it was obvious.

Flaunting social media PDA, tattoos, music vids and Ferraris 24/7 obvious.

The two certainly were always close, as evidenced by these great photos. And by “great” we mean likely to make you cringe a little, but still.

(Especially the Tiger toy one. Just creepy symbolism there.)

Yet just as quickly as the heat got TURNT UP this summer, the fire fizzled out as the seasons changed. By Thanksgiving time, it was all over.

Kylie dumped Tyga, we’re told, after he was busted engaging in some seriously shady behavior … to the shack of absolutely no one ever.

Certainly not Blac Chyna, who is off somewhere in a thong, nodding approvingly following perhaps the biggest “I told you so” of all time.

Perhaps this breakup has not only put an end to the epic Kylie Jenner-Blac Chyna feud, but will foster and unlikely friendship between them.

They certainly have plenty to gossip about after associating with this loser. Anyway, here’s a retrospective on Kyga through the years …

1. Kylie Jenner Tiger Toy Image

Kylie Jenner Tiger Toy Image

Kylie held a tiger toy up to her crotch during a recent photoshoot. We think it might be her subtle way of saying she’s banging Tyga.

2. Kylie Jenner and Tyga Kissing

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Kissing

Kylie Jenner and Tyga kissing in his video for Stimulated. Try not to get too much so watching this.

3. Kylie Jenner and Tyga on Her Birthday

Kylie Jenner and Tyga on Her Birthday

Kylie Jenner and Tyga on her 18th birthday. It was undoubtedly a celebratory day filled with great joy … for him.

4. Kylie and Tyga Work Out

Kylie and Tyga Work Out

Kylie and Tyga working out, as seen by Rob Kardashian! Who was also out for a run! Wow!

5. Tyga and Kylie Jenner Do Good

Tyga and Kylie Jenner Do Good

Tyga and Kylie Jenner pose here at children’s hospital. The couple likes to give back from time to time.

6. Kylie Jenner and Tyga Together

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Together

Kylie Jenner and Tyga together in June 2015 … and possibly together forever. Just wait until she turns 18.

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Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas — Stand Down! All Is Not What It Seems (PHOTOS)

1020-kate-hudson-splashNick Jonas and Kate Hudson have shown all the signs of being coupled up — traveling together, dining together, even Disney-ing together — right up until she gripped another dude in NYC.

Kate left an after-party Monday night hand-in-hand with the other guy … who, btw, happens to be her agent — and also happens to have been spotted holding Kate tight multiple times in recent months.

Yes, Jonas and Hudson were spotted together in multiple places last month, and as recently as last weekend.

So, who’s really winning the Kate sweepstakes? Since people in the know tell us Nick and Kate weren’t dating, just hooking up — we’ll guess BOTH for the block.


Bruce Jenner — Car Crash Photos Could Create Problems for Jenner


The photographs taken immediately before and during the Bruce Jenner accident have triggered a new theory … that the Lexus may not have hit the Prius in front of her, and that he may have struck both cars.

We have 9 photos taken by an independent photog — not TMZ.

The key to the sequence is determining if the Lexus Bruce struck had first hit the Prius in front of her. If the Lexus driver was following too closely and struck the Prius first, Bruce would just be part of the chain reaction and prosecution would be unlikely.

Check out the pics closely

1.  Bruce is cruising up Pacific Coast Highway. Cops believe he was within the 50 MPH speed limit.

2.  Bruce passes a car. Notice the telephone pole.

3.  The telephone pole is behind Bruce’s trailer.

4.  The car continues moving, and you see Bruce holding a cigarette, seemingly unaware traffic in front of him is either moving very slowly or stopped completely.

5.  The Lexus comes into view. Law enforcement tells us they believe at around this time Bruce sees he’s going too fast and slams on his brakes.

6.  Bruce closes in on the Lexus, which is traveling in a straight line. 

7.  Bruce hits the Lexus. Upon impact you see the Lexus veer left. Cops say that’s because Bruce veered right and struck the Lexus on the right, causing it to ricochet to the left.

8. You see the movement of the Lexus. You see just about half of the front of the car. Cops say because the car was in a straight line before Bruce hit it, if the Lexus had first hit the Prius there would have been roughly the same damage on the right and left front. But there’s no evidence of damage.

9. The Lexus continues to veer left into oncoming traffic, where it was struck by the Hummer, killing the Lexus driver.

0211_PRIUS-SMALL_splashLaw enforcement sources say one of the operating theories is that the Prius was stopped behind cars for the light which had turned green and traffic started moving slowly when Bruce hit the Lexus. When the Lexus cleared his lane the momentum kept his car going forward, crashing into the Prius.

There are witnesses who claim the Lexus struck the Prius first and witnesses vary in terms of how many collisions they heard.  

The lawyer for the Prius driver tells TMZ … there’s an imprint of Bruce’s license plate in the Prius. The problem with that claim — check out Bruce’s SUV before the crash … NO FRONT LICENSE PLATE. 

The cars are all in the Sheriff’s Dept. impound lot.

If Bruce is the only one who struck both the Lexus and then the Prius, it would make prosecution for vehicular manslaughter more likely, if authorities determined he was following too closely.


6:15 AM PT — The lawyer for the Prius driver just contacted us again, and now says the emblem on Bruce’s SUV — not the phantom license plate — is imprinted in the back of the Prius.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS – Pregnant Drew Barrymore Stocks Up On Healthy Food

sunglasses jeans shopping Drew Barrymore stripes pregnant

On Sunday Drew Barrymore stopped by Whole Foods in West Hollywood, and the pregnant actress showed off her baby bump in a pair of loose jeans and a striped top.

During a recent chat with USA Today, Barrymore gushed about being a parent and how it’s changed her life. “I like how motherhood makes me think about everything I do. I used to act first and think second,” she said. “Being impulsive was part of my job. Being a mom makes me think first and act second.” After the interview, Barrymore said she was on her way to the grocery store to get the ingredients for stuffing muffins. “I’m going to test them before the holidays so I don’t mess up on the day,” she joked. We’re guessing she mastered the recipe!

Last month Barrymore confirmed that she and hubby Will Kopelman were expecting their second child (the two are already proud parents to daughter Olive), and it’s been reported that she’s due in February.

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Zac Efron’s First Photos Post-Jaw-Injury

Zac Efron’s First Photos Post-Jaw-Injury

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His millions of fans were stunned when he fell and broke his jaw last month, and last week (November 26) showed up at a physical therapy office in Los Angeles.

The “High School Musical” stud looked to be in pain as he exited the facility, sporting a scar across his chin as he sipped a green smoothie through a straw (his jaw has been wired shut to aid in the healing process).

Following his therapy Zac treated himself to a little skateboarding in order to lift his spirits, as he’s had a pretty rough year filled with drug rehab and tabloid rumors.

Of his injuries, a source previously told press, “Efron slipped at the entrance of his L.A.-area home on Sunday in a puddle of water he didn’t see.” However another insider claimed it was actually a much more embarrassing snafu- “He was alone at home, and he leaned forward and fell into his coffee table.”

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Paul Walker Crash — Cops Wrestled Friend Away from Burning Car [Photos]


This is the dramatic moment when a cop had to physically wrestle one of Paul Walker‘s friends away from the crash scene … seconds after it became clear Paul could not be saved.

TMZ broke the story … Paul’s friends rushed to the scene — one even grabbed a fire extinguisher and desperately tried to extinguish the flames.

When the fire dept. arrived they tried to pull Paul’s friends away. One of Paul’s longtime friends, a guy named Nute, was so overwrought with emotion, he punched a firefighter. We’re told Sheriff’s deputies put Nute — and several other of Paul’s friends — in custody, but let them go when they realized the circumstances.

Cops now believe Paul and the driver of the Porsche may have been in a street race with another car at the time of the crash and are looking for footage and witnesses.


EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS – Kristen Stewart Looks Lonely Without Rob Pattinson

With the holidays in full swing, Kristen Stewart seem lonelier now than ever.

The Twilight star looked down in the dumps as she celebrated Thanksgiving a day late with her dad, step-mom and brother. Although she broke up with then-boyfriend Robert Pattinson months ago, she doesn’t seem to have fully recuperated. In fact, Kristen seems to be regressing.

Kristen looked depressed,” an X17 photographer on the scene observed. “She spend the holiday with her family, but you could tell something was missing. She looked alone and lonely.”

Kristen Stewart Sherman Oaks weight-gain skinny jeans mercenaries hat Mr. Science Shit

As usual, she dressed down for the post-Thanksgiving dinner. Kristen wore a white Mr. Science S**t tee with skinny jeans, styled with a blue Mercenaries cap. Her father and brother sported matching grunge looks; the casual fashion style must run in the family.

Relatives and friends later dropped by KStew’s dad’s Sherman Oaks pad. When Kristen left the party to return home, she seemed as gloomy as the Los Angeles weather.

When Kristen went home alone, in the rain, she just seemed sad,” our photographer said. “Her holiday wasn’t complete without Rob.”

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS – Jesse Metcalfe And Girlfriend Heat Up Cancun

Jesse Metcalfe Cara Santana Villa del Palmar Cancun beach bikini

Jesse Metcalfe and his girlfriend Cara Santana are hotter than the Cancun sun.

The two lovebirds looked absolutely smitten while vacationing at Villa del Palmar in Mexico. The couple was spotted on the beach on Friday during their PDA-filled trip.

Jesse Metcalfe Cara Santana Villa del Palmar Cancun beach bikini

Jesse Metcalfe Cara Santana Villa del Palmar Cancun beach bikini

Since arriving a few days ago, Jesse and Cara have been playing in the waves, relaxing at the spa and enjoying dinners (including Thanksgiving) on the beach. While Cara wore an itty bitty pink bikini, Jesse donned blue trunks during the vaca. If you weren’t already convinced of the Dallas star’s strength based on his toned body and massive guns, then his ability to seamlessly fling his girlfriend over his chest while running through the water should do the trick.

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS – Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Get Foot Massages To Unwind

Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis casual hoodie track pants

Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis casual hoodie track pants

After spending Thanksgiving with his parents, it’s only natural that Ashton Kutcher and girlfriend Mila Kunis would need a day to unwind.

The couple went to get foot massages on Friday in rainy Los Angeles. Aside from sharing a relaxing activity, they also shared a casual look. Ashton, whose divorce from ex-wife Demi Moore was finalized this week, and Mila both wore a grey pull-over and sweats. Mila also opted for a fresh-faced look.

Although he hasn’t popped the question yet, Mila seems to already be a member of his family. His former That ’70s Show cast-mate (and on-screen love interest) went shopping with his mom on Wednesday in preparation for their Thanksgiving feast.

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